The JaK Attack! Episode 17.9


Welcome to show number 2017.9!

JaK Attack CokeShow Notes

  • Kelly loses the stare-down.
  • We don’t need no steenkin’ badges! (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
    • Seguay into 1928….what?
  • 04:00 (ish): Panopticon and Panopticlick
    • Shutting off Javascript makes you really secure but makes you about 250,000 times more easy to identify.
    • Choose between security and anonymity because it’s pretty hard to get both
    • Web requests need to contain some information such as user agent, the requested resource, maybe the referer. But, do we really need to make things like system fonts, screen resolution and a list of plugins?
    • After disabling Javascript, almost no information was sent. But, my browser became unique to 1 in 1,200 vice 1 in 250,000 with Javascript running.
    • The TAILS Live CD Tor browser gave up more information, but that actually helped with anonymity because it made my browser more normal.
  • 18:55: Kelly’s Corner
  • 32:00 Cooperstown Crier
    • Polar jump, whaaaa?
    • Raised $128,400 for charity
  • 36:00 Shout Outs & Bork Outs
    • Jon shares some of the people you can’t buy a Coke ™ for.
    • You cannot buy a Coke for Zoolander. Deal with it.


The JaK Attack! 2017.9 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.8

groundhog day

Welcome to show number 2017.8!

Show Notes

  • Valentine’s Day was a brutal pile of snowy, snowy crapola
  • Shubenacadie Sam is our Nova Scotia Groundhog!
  • 04:12 – Kelly’s Corner
    • The Kodi box!
    • Kodi looks so familiar to Jon because it used to be XMBC
    • Downloading is not illegal in Canada. Unless it’s impolite. Then we’ll stop because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • 16:04 – Jon talks about Qubes OS and Whonix. Full article here.
  • 36:00 – Shout outs and Bork outs
    • Kelly feels bad we don’t have shout outs
    • Kelly borks out Facebook messenger
    • Jon borks out the Proton Mail Android app’s read/unread indicators. Or, rather, the lack of read/unread indicators.
  • 46:30 – What’s happening in Cooperstown?
    • Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce is 100 years old this year!


The JaK Attack! 2017.8 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.7

Govenor Tarkin

Welcome to show number 2017.7 (we got nothing)

Show Notes

  • Our domain name sucks.
  • Kelly’s Tomb Raider Penguin Girl is on her page now!
  • Rogue One! Rogue One!
    • We have advanced to the point where we no longer need humans to be humans
    • Humans too close to being human drop us into the Uncanny Valley
  • 13:45 – Jon talks about 2600 Hacker Quarterly
    • Hacking is the new phreaking
    • Cap’n Crunch whistle opens doors…
    • Rescuing fake memory devices using h2testw.exe (not linking to anything because I don’t know what’s safe)
  • 30:00 Kelly gives up her corner!
    • Just to be clear, there’s no Kelly’s Corner. Sans corner. Corner-less
  • 30:49 Shout outs and bork outs
    • Slack is a good thing, but not a good chat thing
    • Smarmy Microsoft letter
    • Yay for threaded conversations! Thanks, from 1990!
    • Boo for threaded conversations! The implementation sucks!
    • Standard Shit Sandwich
  • 34:00 Coopers Town Crier
  • 44:00 We sing Happy Birthday to Linc!
  • Other notes

Cap'n Crunch whistle - 2600


The JaK Attack! 2017.7 – OGG

The JaK Attack! Episode 17.6

Tim Steiner at the Louvre

Welcome to show number swooshie! swooshie! (Semaphore!)

Show Notes

  • Kelly rejects the cry of “I’m not interested!”
    • Jon suggests “I don’t give a crap!”
  • Kelly still owns
  • 09:00 Kelly’s Corner “The man who sold his back to an art dealer
    • Pigs with tattoos
    • AKA – is it legal to skin humans?
    • Jon thinks of the Chuck Mangione
  • 22:00 Jon talks about TOR
    • All KDE apps start with K to not conflict with anything
    • It’s BLUUUUU, Kelly!
    • Jon’s going to build a TOR service
      • It’s hard to torrent over TOR
      • The Internet IS A SERIES OF TUBES!
      • Full disclosure: Jon is probably not on a no-fly list
    • 28:00 The TOR “nobody nodes my sorrow” song!
  • 40:30 Shout outs and Bork Outs
    • Kelly lurves her Spotify. Daily play lists are the bomb
    • Jon doesn’t understand why he needs a cell phone number to have a cell phone plan
      • Gas stations are for gas, phone stores are for phones.
  • 48:40 Coopers Town Crier. Our twin town!
  • email us at


The JaK Attack! 2017.6 – OGG