The JaK Attack! Episode 17.27

Welcome to show number 2017.27!

Show Notes

  • Where does Kimberly Lee get her news from if NOT The JaK Attack???
  • Jon need a power cable for his new (old) Texas Instruments 994A (TI994A)
  • Kelly has forgotten alllll about the era of the cable box
  • Kelly has a September show at T.A.N. Coffee in Windsor
  • 06:50 – Kelly’s Corner
    • Virtual Blind Dating. W.T.F???
    • What IS the plural of ostrich, anyhow?
    • The general consensus is that the show is ‘absolutely terrible’
  • 18:00 – Jon talks about credit card fraud
    • The next iPhone won’t have a hardware home button. C’mon…
    • Jon walks us through his article on the hows and whys of credit card fraud (Jon’s article at Comparitech with skimmer pictures)
    • There are some common ways that credit cards are stolen
    • The credit card “dumps” are verified and sold on “carding” sites like McDumpals (thanks KrebsOnSecurity)
    • There’s not much you can do to prevent it, but keep an eye on your transactions to discover “checker” transactions
      • “Checker” services “check” if a card is still good. Usually by putting a small charge on each card to ensure it has not been cancelled
    • Maybe copyright infringement will take down the whole black market credit card empire
    • Europe has better pro-active credit card fraud prevention than North America
    • The big challenge is that all the vendors are not onboard so it really doesn’t matter how stringent the issuers’ demands are
    • Kelly totally zones out…I guess this topic is over
  • 50:00 – Cooperstown News


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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.26

School House brewery

Welcome to show number 2017.26!

Show Notes

  • OS/2 Warp retail boxJon channels Ed McMahon
  • Kelly will not let Jon speak about his trip to Temecula
  • Kelly went to a bachelorette partay!
  • Schoolhouse Brewery in Windsor is awesome
  • 10:00 Kelly’s Corner
    • A newly found Jackson Pollock may go for $15 million. Is that even a real number?
    • Check out what “found” stuff sells for!
    • Jon wants to know about the biggest barn ever found
    • Kelly explains its not a barn that’s found – it is founds in the barn
    • Jon expresses skepticism in the original moon landing (studio staged conspiracy supporter)
    • Kelly says that there is money in sunken treasure – 1857 – the sunken SS Central America
    • Jon worries about global economy with the sudden finding of 1billion of old gold!!!!!
    • Kelly is still pissed off that Kate Winslet did not find room for Leonardo DiCaprio
  • 22:45 – Jon talks about iTerm2
    • Kelly agrees to watch Mr. Robot! winwinwin
    • The Broken Arrow fiasco
    • Terminals, shells, and consoles, oh my!
    • Remember OS/2 WARP!!!!? Good times…ah, good times…
    • Jon tries to remember shell tools like Pine, TIN, and Lynx
    • Yakuake and Guake made Jon fall in love with drop-down terminals
    • We laugh at the Canadian Navy and their OS/2 and Windows systems. Hahahaha.
    • Jon talks abut his work flow – this allows a drop down terminal that doesn’t disrupt this
    • Jon discovers he was a sailor, a tinkerer, and a soldier – one more thing to do
    • likes drop down menu , drop down to another desk top, loves the tmux terminal – multiplexer allows you to split panes
    • Jon is all about the copy and paste clipboard history. Kelly doesn’t care – convenience or security
    • also likes that you can assign colours for different cursors – and you can locate your cursor – Kely hates when you loose your cursor
  • 40:00 – Shout Outs and Bork Outs
  • 51:40 – Cooperstown News
    • Tax auction in Otsego County!
    • Sorry – gotta get the phone…
    • The county does well on its tax delinquent auction!
    • Kelly schools Jon on what property tax losses look like
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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.25

Welcome to show number 2017.25!

Show Notes

  • Big show number 25!
  • Kelly moved a tree today. Let that sink in.
  • Jon is back from vacation.
  • Cape Split in Blomidon Nova Scotia is a nice day hike.
  • 07:00 – Shout Outs and Bork Outs
    • Troy restaurant in Wolfville – awesome Mediterranean food and awesome patio!
    • Kelly shout outs the improvements at Cape Split
    • Jon lurves his Red Bubble swag!
  • 13:45 – Kelly’s Corner
  • 21:30 – Jon talks about DNA as a hacking delivery system
    • Jon shows his total ignorance of what DNA is and how it works
    • GATACA, FTW!
    • Biohacker researchers have figured out how to deliver malware via DNA
    • Kelly thinks Bill and Ted invented this technique
    • Researchers have added pictures and running horsey gifs into DNA, too
  • 39:00 – Cooperstown News
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Featured image by Christian Faur