The JaK Attack! Episode 2018.45

Welcome to show number 2018.45

  • It’s not possible to talk about Independence Day without bringing up Team America! – “F*ck Yeah!!!”
  • Jon thinks Kung Fury is totally underrated
  • 04:50 – Jon takes us on a trip down memory lane
    • Jon’s lame-o profile page is at
    • Bitcoin sucked in 2013 and it sucks now
    • Jon gets completely distracted about Bitcoin purchases and anonymity
    • Backing up to the ‘aughts, let’s look at Win4Lin
    • We are briefly interrupted by Jon’s Pager Duty alert. Creeeepy.
    • Innotek used to own VirtualBox.
    • Anyone remember VMWare Player?
    • podcasting articles in Linux Journal and Linux Pro magazine. Props to Mark Rais at
    • Citadel Groupware is the coolest thing Jon has ever seen (article)
    • Kelly’s Acer laptop did not do well in Linux trials in the early ‘aughts.
  • 29:30 – Kelly’s Corner
    • It is so hot in Canada right now that flies are walking. FLIES!
    • Happy 4th ‘Murica!
    • Some fun fact about USA. We use the word “fun” in a way that means “weird”.
      • One American consumes the same resources as 32 Kenyans. That is the weirdest statistic evah.
      • I can’t type the rest, you gotta listen for this weirdness.
    • Here’s some actually fun facts about Canada.
      • ”eh” is in the Canadian Oxford dictionary. Yeah. The Canadian one.
      • Santa’s postal code is H0H 0H0. And only elves that work for Canada Post answer them.
      • And then there is some discussion about de-militarized borders and things get ugly.
  • 46:50 – Cooperstown News
    • Who was that ambulance driver?
  • Express VPN is our show sponsor and we have a one year subscription to win. Listen to the show to find out the steps to enter the draw. We’ll announce the winner during show #46!
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The JaK Attack! Episode 17.9


Welcome to show number 2017.9!

JaK Attack CokeShow Notes

  • Kelly loses the stare-down.
  • We don’t need no steenkin’ badges! (The Treasure of the Sierra Madre)
    • Seguay into 1928….what?
  • 04:00 (ish): Panopticon and Panopticlick
    • Shutting off Javascript makes you really secure but makes you about 250,000 times more easy to identify.
    • Choose between security and anonymity because it’s pretty hard to get both
    • Web requests need to contain some information such as user agent, the requested resource, maybe the referer. But, do we really need to make things like system fonts, screen resolution and a list of plugins?
    • After disabling Javascript, almost no information was sent. But, my browser became unique to 1 in 1,200 vice 1 in 250,000 with Javascript running.
    • The TAILS Live CD Tor browser gave up more information, but that actually helped with anonymity because it made my browser more normal.
  • 18:55: Kelly’s Corner
  • 32:00 Cooperstown Crier
    • Polar jump, whaaaa?
    • Raised $128,400 for charity
  • 36:00 Shout Outs & Bork Outs
    • Jon shares some of the people you can’t buy a Coke ™ for.
    • You cannot buy a Coke for Zoolander. Deal with it.


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